The Translational Biology research axis will provide links between basic research, medical aspects of disease and the development of new therapeutics. The strength of the axis is to group expertise existing at IGF from the brain to the periphery in an attempt to circumvent the complexity of pathology, i.e. in terms of different symptoms. The biomolecular and cellular know-how using experimental models of diseases (cell culture, animals models) and human specimens is applied to specific pathophysiological contexts (including epilepsy, diabetes and colon cancer). Links are provided between basic researchers and clinicians in order to define and to conduct translational projects. Hence, the Translational Biology axis will privilege a bidirectional "bench-to-bedside" transfer of knowledge and will strengthen the bases of an interface between fundamental and clinical researches. This should ultimately favor discoveries of innovative therapeutic targets and the development of new medical and/or biotechnological strategies from diagnosis to treatments.

Coordinator: Stéphane DALLE